Children are Like Arrows Psalms 127


This marks the first entry for my new blog. We are launching a new Lifepoint website with better and less complicated functions – so this should equal more posts!

I wanted a blog title that had meaning for my life, ministry and call so here it is: “Arrows In The Hands Of A Warrior.” This actually comes from a sermon I did during Wednesday night Bible Study at Lifepoint Church. I love my family and desperately want to shape my little “arrows” for the glory of the LORD. Thus the name of my new blog.

I was reading last week and came across this devotion on Psalm 127:4, “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth” (Psalm 127:4, ESV). I thought the devotion was so good that I preached it this past Wednesday night. And since I am an avid bow hunter, I brought my bow, target and arrows for a visual demonstration. I had already convinced myself not to shoot it in the sanctuary. But when I pulled the bow back towards the end of the service and aimed at the target, I just had to let it go! And it was right on the money.

Children, like arrows, need to be carefully made.
I am reminded about a time when I was driving through Montana and stopped at the Battle Of The Little Big-Horn Battlefield.  I was able to see some Indian men who where part of the reenactment sit and make arrows from wood and rock putting it all together with animal parts. One word described this: disciplined. They had a focused, monotonous duty to make and shape a weapon from a branch. To turn a branch or plank into an arrow requires considerable time, care, and skill – as evidenced by those Crow Indians on the Reservation that day.

Here’s a question: Who is going to be the primary shaper of your kids? School friends? TV? Movies? Magazines? If you don’t shape them, someone else will.

Children, like arrows, are weapons of war.
God will use them as swift, penetrative, and offensive weapons to advance the gospel in the lives of many in the future and to unleash great damage on the kingdom of darkness. Paul continually reminds us that we are in a battle against the world, flesh, and the kingdom of darkness. As believers living for God’s glory, we should train our children to live like they are in a war and serve their King Jesus as Gospel arrows that are fired into a lost World.

Children, like arrows, can go where we can’t.
Whenever I am shooting my bow I am reminded of this principle. The arrow I shoot can go farther, faster, and more powerfully than I can. Children and teenagers have the opportunity to change culture. May we never forget that we will pass from this world and our children will inherit our place. May we recognize the incredible responsibility we have to carefully shape them as weapons of war for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. They will go where we can’t.

Children, like arrows, should obediently go in the direction that they are fired in.
I am reminded of the principle from Proverbs, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, ESV). As we teach, train, and fire our “arrows” toward Jesus and the Gospel, our hope and prayer is that by God’s grace they are saved and fired out as weapons of war, obediently living for His glory. It is critical as parents that we begin firing our arrows at the right target’s early in life. Many of us mistakenly fire our arrows into the world targeting success, money, prominence, status, and worldliness. Just remember, it’s highly probable that your arrows will go just where you trained them to go.


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