New Sermon Series Sunday: James


Join us this Sunday as we begin our Sunday Morning Series through the book of James.

James wrote to Jewish Christians facing trials and persecution. Under the threat of persecution the readers considered compromising their Christian commitment and accommodating themselves to worldliness. James spoke as a pastor to urge his friends to develop spiritual stamina in facing persecution. He also spoke as a prophet to urge those who considered compromise to give evidence of their faith. Much of the content of James represented an effort to call individuals and the church back to full commitment to God and to complete concern for one another. Get ready for an incredible journey through the book of James as we learn God’s Word and seek to apply it to our lives.

12 From Trouble to Triumph…and Back! (1:1–12)
19 The Fault for Temptation (1:13-18)
26 Belief that Behaves (1:19–27)

3 Favoritism in the Church? (2:1–13)
10 Dead Faith! (2:14–20)
17 LORD’S Supper, Psalm 51
24 Faith That Passes The Test (2:21-26)
31 Taming the Tongue (3:1–12)

7 True Wisdom (3:13–18)
14 Worldliness! (4:1–12)
21 Responding to the Will of God (4:13–17)
28 Riches, Trials, and Swearing (5:1–12)

5 Righteous Praying (5:13–20)


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