Praying For Life Action Summit Oct 16-30

We just finished our Pre-Summit Weekend in preparation for Life Action Revival Summit week coming Oct 16-30. It was a great weekend and our Church seems excited about the upcoming Summit.

Just a reminder if you have not already, put together you Life Action Plan:

1. Clear your calendar from October 16-30

2. Recognize it will cost you something to participate.

3. Commit to pray beforehand and participate during the Summit.

Here are the 10 things we are praying in the days before the Summit.

1. Pray for the presence of God.

2. Pray for change in your life that would impact others.

3. Pray for an extraordinary move of God.

4. Pray that we will wait on God.

5. Pray that we will rejoice in righteousness. (Obedience is doing exactly what God says, right now, with the right heart attitude.”

6. Pray we have the right attitude about sin.

7. Pray for repentance and brokenness.

8. Pray for God’s mercy.

9. Pray for your family.

10 Pray for Lifepoint Church.



About George Ross

I am a pastor, church planter, husband, and father of four.
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