SE Asia Discipleship/CP Movement

Over the last few day’s I have been in awe of the incredible and powerful Church Planting Movement going on in SE Asia. I am convicted by how hard we have made Church Planting and Disicipleship.

Today we will be training nationals the “4 Fields Material” which you can find here,

I highly encourage you to read it, this should be mandatory if you are a Church Planter.

We have also been discipling nationals over the last few days with the 7 commands of Christ we find for the Church in the New Testament. As Scott Hanberry and I discussed, we have so many models of discipleship in western culture that are ineffective. The reality is that many westerners are looking for the “ultimate” discipleship tool and miss out on the simple strategy laid out in the NT.

Throughout the New Testament there are 7 clear commands laid out by Christ. These are used to disciple nationals. Here are the 7 commands we are teaching, from the 4 Fields Manual:

We see the first church (Acts 2)  fulfilling at least seven of the clear commands of Christ in this passage. They are:

1) Repentance and Faith – v. 38

2) Baptism – v. 39

3) Love (service, fellowship and worship)

4) Observance of the Lord‟s Supper – v. 42,46

5) Giving – v.45

6) Prayer – v.42

7) Great Commission – v.38, 47

Here in SE Asia believers are discipled in this order and are sent out for Kingdom Ministry. I have much more to write in the days to come, but for now, the question I pose is this, “How are you doing in following the 7 Commands of Christ?”


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