Day Five and Six, Oct 7-8 (Teaching, Baptism, Prayerwalking)

Day Five

Today was an incredible day! We went to work alongside the national leader and taught on the “Command of Baptism”. Scott and I stayed with our national leader and taught a young man who had professed Christ. We went through the following teaching from the Seven Commands of Christ, by George Patterson
Command #2 – Be Baptized
Command—In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says…
Tell the Story—Phillip and a New Believer from Acts 8:26-39
What is baptism?
Romans 6:3-4 – Baptism is a symbol of Jesus’ death, burial and
resurrection. It means we also have
died to our old life and been raised to live a new life with Jesus.
Why should we be baptized?
Matthew 3:13-15 – Jesus received baptism, so should we. Receiving baptism means we identify Jesus
as our Lord.
Who should be baptized?
Acts 2:38 – Everyone who repents
and believes.
How should we be baptized?
Matthew 3:16 – Jesus went down into the water.
Prayer—Lord give me the strength to identify my life with you through the symbol of baptism.
Assignment—Go down into the water and receive baptism.


This time was powerful as Scott shared the Gospel and the young man confirmed that he had indeed repented and believed, you could sense the Holy Spirit working in the life of the young man. I was able to immediately share about baptism, in particular the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8. The young man listened intently about what God’s word teaches about baptism. At the end of our time, the young man’s reaction was, “what prevent’s me from being baptized?”, and our answer was, “absolutely nothing!”. This certainly was no lighthearted decision, as it is costly to publicly follow Jesus in baptism within the Hindu culture. This young man was not only identifying with Jesus in baptism, but with the Gospel in persecution. Baptism here in SE Asia will be synonymous with persecution and ostracism. What a joy if was for us to see the excitement and obedience of this young man, as he testified to the new life he had received by openly and immediately desiring baptism. We prayed and celebrated with the young man, then made plans for a baptism the next morning.

Isaac would not let us leave until he shared his baptism testimony with the young man, I was a proud papa!

Day Six

We arrived to find our baptism candidate sitting on the fence next to the street ready to go! We went into the next small town, where there was a hot springs. Our national leader baptized the young man, it was his first baptism to perform. The time was solemn and surreal as this young man identified with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, identification and union in the body of Christ, the Church, and symbolic picture of God’s covenant of grace.


After our baptism services we drove to a remote high mountain village to prayerwalk and look for the Luke 10 “man of peace”. The drive was the most treacherous to date, and we were around 10,000 feet when I could endure no more and had to get out of the truck with Isaac, lol (I am sure this story will become viral when Jason, Scott, and Levi begin to tell it!). All was not lost however, the group ended up making it to the top village, finding the “man of peace”, sharing the gospel, and laying a foundation for future visits and work. Isaac and I walked up and down mountain roads for several hours prayerwalking, talking to villagers, playing with children, and giving out candy. He and I had some sweet time of prayerwalking, I was blessed beyond measure to pray with my son over the lostness and need for the Gospel in this area.




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