Sobering Truths From Initiative 26

Updated: 11/9/11 10:16 pm

After even more reflection and feedback I will give two more thoughts:

First, it is the responsibility of every individual to do their due diligence when it comes to their responsibility to vote. From comments and feedback I have received many did and found the bill vague, confusing, and mis-leading. So, I am either naive and take things to black and white, which is exactly how I read the bill. Or I am a simpleton (foolish and gullible) christian who has no understanding of the law, the ramifications of the bill, or the safety and rights of women; and I voted “yes” because it was what white middle aged conservative republicans are supposed to do. But hold on, since I am an independent that cannot be the case (although I am white and middle aged:). I investigated, did research, reviewed medical opinions, contacted the office for public policy, prayed, studied the Word, reviewed the endorsement of The Christian Action Commission of the MSBC, reviewed the endorsement of the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Richard Land, and knew that for a fact there is an average of 5+ children a day (2000 a year) that are aborted in MS. I know Baptist are narrow-minded and archaic sometimes, but certainly there had to be some people with a brain in their head on these groups? And the rebuttal for the those confused by the bill is from what they learned from Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice groups? I digress.

Second, I am recognizing there are many Christians who voted “no” for this bill. Some of whom I have offended greatly, and I apologize if I have come across as questioning someones conversion, that is wrong and please forgive me. Although I do not change my position on the issue, I am not saying you are not a Christian if you voted “no”. I do believe Christians who voted “no” are wrong, were mis-guided, don’t practice a biblical worldview, and are guilty of not being more responsible to do their due diligence in voting.

Praise God, we are saved through repentance and faith in Jesus, not for how you vote. So at the end of the day, the cross wins. I know as a Christian I have been misguided, naive, and certainly made my share of wrong choices; but by God’s grace and because of the work of Christ on the cross my salvation is secure. A person’s salvation is not influenced or determined by a vote, but by God’s grace through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Here is a great link about God’s grace and the truth of Jesus…

In conclusion, this does reflect the fact that many Christians do not have a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview simple means you filter your choice, decisions, and voting; through the lens of scripture. God’s word is absolute and authoritative on the issues of when life begins, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and the value of life; we vote according to a biblical worldview not man’s worldview. Again, another reason we must faithfully preach the whole counsel of God and as the people of God we must study the Word of God.

Original Post 11/8/11 10:40 pm

I have prayed hard today for a yes vote on initiative 26,  and I voted today for yes on initiative 26..however the votes have been cast and the Church in MS must do some soul searching. Here are two quick thoughts:

1. Have we pursued political agendas and the American Dream without testifying to a gospel life change, that we have lost all ability to influence others in our state? It would seem by the election results this is true. Initiative 26 not passing is an indictment on the Church in MS, there will be no spinning this on Planned Parenthood. The yes to 26 campaign was well organized, clearly communicated,  and had an army of volunteers. The response from planned parenthood and pro choice groups was slow, unorganized, and openly caught in deceptive campaigning. There was a valiant effort from so many who volunteered and worked the initiative 26 campaign. However, they were only a fraction of  the “church” population, statistically speaking, in MS. The loss should not be pinned on a campaign effort or lack thereof, it must be laid squarely on the testimony and influence of christians in MS. Have believers so lost their testimony, that we have no credibility with our neighbors, workers, children, and friends? A life changed by the gospel, living for the gospel, and testifying to the gospel; in the most religious state in America, should have more influence than Planned Parenthood no matter how many millions of dollars they have. The outcome of this election should cause every believer to examine their public testimony for Jesus and the Gospel.

I am meddling now,

If we championed and lived the Gospel daily as fervently and feverishly as we posted on Facebook about initiative 26, I would not be writing this post. We cannot think that we can write/post our beliefs and views on someone else, when they do not see and or believe the life change we profess. Furthermore, if they have not experienced life change from the Gospel, why should we expect anything different than a no vote? The greatest message we give is the Gospel, calling people baby killers and praying for their judgement in a public setting such as Facebook, is certainly contrary to the good news of Jesus Christ. Am I saying we shouldn’t use public forums? Absolutely not, but in many cases we are doing more damage to the Gospel than advancing the Gospel. I posted on serval occasions about why we should vote yes and I read some other great posts about voting yes on initiative 26, but by in large the Facebook campaign was not positive and in my opinion hurt the initiative. I will write a post on social media gospel etiquette at a latter date…seriously. 

Romans 1:16 (ESV) 16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

2. How long are we going to accept everyone claiming they are a Christian, but deny the truth they proclaim? I do not want to be critical and I don’t know a persons heart, only God does. However, if we are born-again we are transformed and God makes us a new creature (regeneration), we will not be like the world. It would seem by the sheer number of people professing to be Christians in the state of MS, the vote would have been overwhelmingly in favor, however this is not the case. The real debate was not about abortion, but is God who He says He is and is His Word absolute truth. As we found out, the majority of people voting do not believe God is who He say’s He is and His Word is not absolute truth. We cannot deceive ourselves into believing we have a majority in MS that hold to a Biblical Worldview, we do not. Continuing to believe that everyone who says they are a christian while they deny the power and change of the gospel by their life, is counterproductive for the church of MS. This is why we need to preach the Gospel faithfully from our pulpits. We change the world through the faithful proclamation of the Gospel and Biblical discipleship, not political means. This also reveals why we must plant more churches in our state. We may be the most religious state, but we are certainly not the most born-again state. Demographics say that over 70% of our state is un-churched, it seems this is truer than ever.

John 15:8 (ESV)8 By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.

I have not read any statistics and this is entirely my opinion, but because the 30 and younger generation turned out in masses initiative 26 lost. If you don’t believe me call your college student on any public campus in MS and let them tell how they were told to vote. Which begs another question, “why are the millennials (30 and younger) who grew up in the hay day of Church youth programs, going apostate?” I will keep my thoughts and opinions at this time, but it is a question worth considering.

Praying not only for the many millions of lives that were at stake tonight, but for some serious examination as we consider the outcome of tonight…..



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