4 Reasons To Sign-Up for The Preaching Workshop


With only a few days remaining to register for the ONE8 “Preach The Word” conference (Deadline Wednesday February, 22), and closing in on 100 participants, I wanted to share 4 Reasons To Sign-up for The Preach The Word conference:

1.The Preachers!

In an age when the role of preaching itself is under attack, it is as important as ever to recognize the necessity of Biblical exposition. The ONE8 Network has Dr. Russell Moore (Dean of the School of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) and Dr. Tony Merida (Associate Professor of Preaching, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) teaching on how we can faithfully and effectively communicate the truths of Scripture. These men are gonna bring it.

2. The Cost!

Where can you go for $15, have a chance to win a LOGOS library, Amazon Gift Cards, IBooks Gift Cards, LOGOS gift certificates, lunch, snacks, and all the coffee you can handle? What a deal!

3. The Time

With time being as limited as our budgets, The ONE8 Network is providing this incredible conference in a one day format so you will not be away from your family or church longer than necessary. We may be drinking out of a fire hydrant, but we promise not to waste your time! We start and 9 and end at 4.

4. The Partnership/Networking

The ONE8 Preaching Workshop is for planters, pastors, staff members, seminary students, and young men called to ministry. What I love about an event like this, is that we get to see established Church pastors and Church planters come together. We have far too long seen the division of planters and pastors separate us from healthy partnerships to advance the Gospel. This will be a great opportunity to express unity in our commitment to the Word of God and desire to establish growing, healthy, and reproducing churches.

Don’t waste another minute, you can register today! http://one8.org/events/event/preach-the-word-preaching-workshop/

Testifying To God’s Grace,

George Ross

ONE8 Director


About George Ross

I am a pastor, church planter, husband, and father of four.
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