Israel 2012 Airplane Testimony: iPods and The Gospel

This time last year I was celebrating the opportunity I had to baptize my son, Isaac. Since that time, Joy and I have been praying that God would confirm in our hearts and life the genuineness of his conversion through his testimony. I was blessed by one of those testimonies yesterday on the plane ride from Chicago to Frankfurt. Isaac was sitting beside Kenneth, who was living in Chicago, but originally from Ghana, Africa. Kenneth was traveling back to Africa to visit family and participate in some volunteer work.

The flight from Chicago to Frankfurt was over 7 hours long, and if any of you know Isaac, he can talk! It was during this time, that I woke up from one of my many naps, to hear Isaac sharing the Gospel with Kenneth. Kenneth listened intently and Isaac even asked if Kenneth wanted his girls to know Jesus and be saved. Kenneth, no doubt has very cultural idea of Christianity and did not give a srong Gospel witness of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus alone, however Kenneth listened and heard the good news, from an almost 8 yearl old boy from MS. Isaac and Kenneth actually spent about half of the ride talking, that is no exaggeration. Isaac spent several hours, teaching Kenneth how to play iPod games and telling him about other mission trips he had gone on….lol.

I am reminded that the Gospel is > than our age, and thanful for the witness of my son. Please pray for Kenneth. As we departed the plane, Kenneth, hugged Isaac for several minutes and even got emotional telling him he loved him and they would meet again one day. It is amazing what childlike faith, an iPod, and the demonstration of the Gospel can accomplish on a plane ride.


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