Israel Day 7: Bethlehem, Dead Sea Scrolls, & Samuels Birthplace

Israel Day 7: We only have a few days left in Israel! We have seen and done so much in this country yet everyday God continues to reveal more in not only the country but also in our lives! Yesterday we traveled to Bethlehem the Birthplace of Jesus visting the Shepherds Hill & the Church of the Nativity. We then traveled back to Jerusalem where we visited a model of Jerusalem from Jesus’ day & the displays of The Dead Sea Scrolls. From there we visited the birthplace of Samuel. Please continue to pray for our team as many had to stay back today due to health reasons. Themes of the day were Christ’s Birth and the Incarnation.

Ruins of Ancient Bethlehem


Inn & Manger much like where Jesus would have been born



John 1:14- And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Gospel Driven Living: (Incarnational Living) 

Embodying the Character of Christ and the Mission of Christ through the Spirit of Christ

I. Gospel-Driven People Make Disciples.

Mark Dever says, “If you tell me your a follower of Jesus and your not helping other people follow Jesus, I just don’t know what you mean.” If you are Christian you are called to make disciples, this is not optional. I cannot count how many christian men over 35 I have encountered that say one of two things: 1. I have never been discipled, 2. I have never discipled another person. What a tragedy! It should be the goal of every christian to be intentionally discipling others to follow after Christ.

II. Gospel-Driven People Practice Personal Evangelism.

Personal evangelism is an intentional verbal explanation of the Gospel (Creation, Fall, Rescue, Restoration). Pray earnestly for God to cultivate a brokenness for lostness in your life and challenge yourself to be intentional about sharing the Gospel. Some of the greatest growth I have experienced in the area of personal evangelism has been when I am around someone who has a heart for the lost and is intentional about sharing the Gospel. Your faithfulness in this will impact others and advance the Kingdom of God.

III. Gospel-Driven People Live Missionally.

Missional Living is where we embody the character of Christ and the mission of Christ through the Spirit of Christ. We see the world through the eyes of Christ. Setting missional living goals will mean getting involved with the least of these. The broken, hurting, poor, abused, used, orphaned, and oppressed are not only around the world, they are across the street. Missional living is an intentional way to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the glory of God.

Church of the Nativity – The Door of Humility




Birthplace siteImage

Wall separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem (Bethlehem is under Palestinian control)


Model of Jerusalem as it stood in Jesus’ time


Ruins at Solomon’s Birthplace



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